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Oban Star Racers AMV - Euro Megamix: Ayumi Hamasaki

Просмотры: 4 Добавил(а): Re-l124C41_ Re-l124C41_ 
Описание материала:

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS!This AMV spans the ENTIRE series, so yeah, there will be spoilers.This was quite an ambitious project for me. I wondered what it'd be like to make an AMV that covered an entire series of an anime, chronologically, from start to finish.The answer: It was quite hard, and that was WITHOUT three extremely irritating glitches that occured during production. (By the way, THANKS for all the help with that I DIDN'T get. I know not to turn to my subscribers for help in the future...)But I am quite happy with the end result.Please leave comments telling me what you think of it.And if you haven't watched Oban Star Racers yet, watch at your own risk.

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:09:51
Автор: AliJ5533
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